We're Dreaming Big...


We are committed to helping people of all ages create happier, more meaningful lives; empowering them to discover their authentic joy, interests, and passions; strengthening their connection with themselves, one another and their world; helping them build conscious awareness and reach for their dreams. We are committed to inspiring and motivating people to live their best possible lives with greater appreciation, focus, mindfulness, purpose and joy.

We are committed to making the world a better place.




This is a complex world where it's not always easy to maintain our focus, stay inspired or motivated...we could all use a little help. In these challenging times, our products fill a genuine need: they not only help people discover and achieve their goals and dreams, they also help them embrace the changes in their lives as opportunities and give them many of the tools and life skills they need to do so. We believe that finding authentic joy, success and purpose in life doesn't have to be complicated...our system is filled with simple, effective methods for living more consciously, mindfully and joyfully. We believe that having a clear vision of how we want to experience life is vital and essential to our growth and well-being as a global community.

This is not an easy time for our youth either. Young people are facing extraordinary challenges today, and they desperately need mindful direction and encouragement. The Dream Big System is a life-enhancing process for everyone - including children and teens. With this tool, they will learn to identify their true priorities in each area of their lives, handle the challenges they face more easily, and learn focus, accountability and appreciation. It will empower them to become consciously active participants in the creation of their lives, boost their confidence and self-esteem, encourage them to set and achieve their goals, discover their unique gifts and create happier, brighter, more meaningful futures.

Our lives are filled with amazing technology, but they are also filled with input and noise from every direction. Many of us have become desensitized and somewhat disconnected from what really matters to us. Our system can help offset this problem and help people regain a healthy perspective. We believe that in providing as much support and information online as possible, but please note that our products themselves are quite deliberately “low tech”. You can hold your Vision Book in your hands…and touch your dreams. Filling in your Workbooks and creating your Vision books by hand is empowering. We need some quieter activities and moments in our lives if we want to grow consciously and connect with who we really are. Our simple process and tangible products are a nod to simpler times and priorities.

D.D. Watkins is founder of Dream Big and the creator of the Dream Big Collection, Vision Books and Workbooks. She is a N.Y. Times and Amazon best-selling author whose work has been published in twenty seven languages. D.D. is the co-author of Jack Canfield’s Key to Living the Law of Attraction; and Gratitude- A Daily Journal; both of which are inspirational books that emphasize the importance of positive thinking, visualization, joy, and appreciation. In 2008, she created a private label version of her Dream Big Vision Books for Jack Canfield. In 2009, D.D. also co-edited another book about the science (and quantum physics) behind the power of positive thinking and energy- with a strong focus on its connection to healing and overcoming obstacles.

D.D.’s own life experiences have inspired her to seek greater knowledge and understanding of our roles and purpose in life, and she has dedicated the last few years to developing and perfecting the Dream Big System; distilling and integrating this information into a simple format that can help others live with greater meaning and joy. She has a successful and diverse background in art, architecture and design, and she is committed to making the world a more beautiful place in every way.

Dream Big is currently working with a variety of experts and consultants in the fields of Education, Wellness and the Workplace.