Why the Dream Big System? Because it works. There is proven methodology and research behind each step...and there is nothing else like it. Your personal dreams and goals are important and they deserve a place that honors them. The workbook is a unique blend of positive psychology, information, time proven techniques and age old wisdom. It appears simple, and is enjoyable to do...but it goes deep. You will learn more about yourself and your authentic goals through this  part of the system and learn valuable life skills, too. Your Vision Book is beautiful, private when you wanted to be, portable, and of keepsake quality. It helps you put all of your goals into action and practice. This is an ongoing motivational tool that will encourage focus, clarity and purpose. The most powerful times to use visualization and the other techniques included here are just before sleep and first thing in the morning. Your Vision Book can stand in an open position on the nightstand so that it is the first thing you see in the morning and the last thing you see at night. In a world where nearly everything is stored digitally, there are solid benefits to having this tangible tool you can hold in your hands.

How does creating a Vision Book differ from a creating a dream board? Creating a dream board (or vision board) has typically been a do it yourself project on cardboard or poster board...until now. Most often, you would create a vision board by cutting random words and images from magazines and advertisements. The problem with creating a vision board in this manner is that your dreams are being primarily dictated by consumer and media driven messages. The result is a labor intensive, time consuming process and a cluttered collage that represents things you think you want, not necessarily who you want to become. Because it lacks structure and there's no methodology used, the result is also less effective, less meaningful, and less insightful than the Dream Big Vision Book process. Finding a place for this sort of thing in your home is challenging, too.

What makes the Dream Big process better? This system guides you through a much more meaningful identification of your authentic goals and dreams. The workbook is one of a kind. It not only helps you find clarity and purpose, it also helps you eliminate any limiting or negative beliefs that may be holding you back. The hundreds of inspirational words quotes and affirmations that come with your book will inspire you and get you started… and the blank templates allow you to fill in your own favorites. This is a complete system that will enhance your life on many levels… and it is attractive enough to leave out! Place your Vision Book in a place that you will see it regularly. This is your map- your action tool: it will inspire you and keep you motivated on a daily basis.

Adult and Teen Workbook

Dream Big Workbook
simple 8 page format, insightful, fun and effective-
Create a bright, meaningful future.

Kids Workbook

Dream Big Workbook for KIDS
simple 8 page format, insightful, fun and effective-
Teach your children how to create their best lives. too.

So, where do I find the pictures for my Vision Book? We have provided you with everything except the pictures- because everybody's dreams are different! Finding the pictures that inspire you is a lot of fun, and in order to make this even easier for you, we have collected thousands of our favorite inspirational images to get you started! See our Pinterest dream image libraries here. We have grouped them by categories. If you don't find what you are looking for there, choose from millions of images online- try using "Google image search"  and just type in a description of what you are looking for.

Will I have enough room for all of my dreams? Yes. You will be surprised by how many goals and dreams you can fit in your Vision Book! This is a focus tool: a place to define the goals that are most important to you right now. You will want to have some long-term goals on there, too, but keep your primarily focus on the dreams you are working towards this year. You may even want to create a completely separate Vision Book for work to keep on your desk...but remember, focus is key.

What If my goals change? We will show you how to set goals that are authentic for you personally in each area of your life, but yes- some of them may change. As you grow and evolve…so will your dreams. Go ahead and switch out words or images on your book if you change your mind about something, but do not remove the goals you’ve achieved or the dreams you have accomplished. They are powerful reminders of all that you have aspired to and achieved! Keep them as a way to chronicle your life and your growth each year. It’s a good idea to assess your life and your goals on an annual basis and create a new Vision Book.

How can this really work for everyone? This is a chameleon like product. It really is just as versatile as your goals and dreams are.  The tools and techniques that are contained In the Dream Big System are time proven, scientifically based methods that will enhance your personal development and your life – regardless of your particular goals and regardless of your age, gender, or demographics! Our system also complements and enhances other work that you may already be be doing- it is used as a tool by various human resource departments, life coaches, therapists, psychologists, educators, church groups, and counselors.

I’m pretty happy right now, and money is not a problem, so how can this benefit me? Pretty happy and financially secure is great- but if there is any room at all in your life for improvement, this product can benefit you. This is a life enhancing product for everyone regardless of your starting point…it’s not just for those facing challenges. Ultimately, we all want to let know that we are living consciously- with meaning and purpose and that we are making the world a better place through our thoughts and actions. If you are pretty happy right now -- imagine how amazing your life will be if it is lived even more joyfully and with greater purpose! Make it the best it can be!

What if I don’t have any particular goals or dreams? Everybody has goals and dreams; you just may not realize what they are yet. Most people don’t know exactly what they want, but it is our responsibility in life to figure out how we can live with purpose and use our brings us alive and helps us get the most out of life! It makes the world a better place, too. This process will help you identify what is truly important to you and discover your authentic goals and dreams. It will help you find your purpose, your gifts and your joy.

What if my dreams are too unrealistic? There is no such thing. We are all meant to live joyful, abundant, meaningful lives. We’re all meant to live to our fullest potential- and it’s different for each of us...we all have different gifts and aspirations. It’s up to you to determine what your contribution is going to be. The best way to do this is to evaluate who you are right now, determine your goals, decide who you want to become and what changes you want to make…then get started. No dream is too big and no contribution is too small. You can change your life and accomplish your dreams...whatever they are. The Dream Big system will jumpstart the process and keep you inspired!

What about my Kids and their dreams? Children are dreamers by nature and we need to encourage those dreams. We’ve created a System especially for kids- designed to empower them, boost their self esteem, encourage kindness and gratitude, give them coping skills, help them set goals, discover their interests and learn how powerful they really are…all in a way that is both fun and inspirational. This product is also an extremely effective communication platform between children and adults. Facilitator guides are also available- contact us for more information.


Dream Big, Live Well, Be Happy!

Creating a better life has never been easier.