A complete life enhancing system...

Building conscious vision, growth and achievement in people of all ages!

This life affirming process is simple and enjoyable, but it also goes deep - helping you connect and align with your authentic aspirations. Our step-by-step system helps people connect to themselves and each other more deeply and authentically. This unique blend of time-proven techniques, scientific concepts, positive psychology and age-old wisdom enhances growth, clarity, self-awareness, mindfulness, empathy, trust, and community.

Our system works for everyone - including children and teens. This process teaches them how to identify their true priorities in each area of their lives, handle the challenges they face more easily, and learn focus, accountability and appreciation. The Dream Big System empowers them to become consciously active participants in the creation of their lives, boosts their confidence and self-esteem, encourages them to set and achieve goals, discover their unique gifts and create happier, brighter, more meaningful futures. We are already shipping to countries around the world…this is a tool without cultural boundaries or limitations.

In these challenging times, our products fill a genuine need- helping people embrace the changes in their lives as opportunities and give them many of the tools and life skills they need to do so. Finding authentic joy, success and purpose in life doesn't have to be complicated...the Dream Big System gives you simple, affordable, effective tools that will help you live more mindfully and joyfully.

This is the only product of it’s kind. There are many lengthy books about positive thinking and visualization and several digital versions of vision boards- but there’s very little in the way of tangible tools and nothing even remotely close to our systems depth, broad appeal, quality, versatility and affordability.

The Dream Big System offers more than information these are tangible tools and products that include a Vision Book, 8 page interactive workbook, tape tabs, hundreds of inspirational words, quotes, affirmations, and blank templates. Your completed Vision Book is a visual representation of your personal hopes, dreams and aspirations: an action tool that helps you put everything you have learned into practice on a daily basis, and will continue to keep you motivated and inspired throughout the year.

This is much more than a vision board. Visualization is a very important part of our system, but visualization alone is not enough. Our system and framework goes much further, helping you eliminate inner obstacles and achieve what matters most to you in each area of your life. Don't let your dreams be purely consumer driven... keep them true to who you really are and what brings you joy!


For Individual and Group use:

Dream Big benefits anyone who wants to live with greater purpose and joy. It also benefits people in transition; those facing challenges and dealing with things like the loss of their home, loss of income, death, illness, divorce, etc. In this economy, many people are re-prioritizing and reinventing their lives. We can help give them hope, direction and focus. We are  already making a difference in schools, churches, corporate environments and for troubled youth through social services.

Education, Wellness and the Workplace:
The Dream Big Conscious Growth and Achievement System has extremely broad applications in education, wellness, and the workplace. We have already developed a comprehensive, rich facilitator’s guide for educators, and we are currently developing one for the workplace as well. The life skills we teach have far-reaching benefits that include improved focus, tolerance, health, happiness, success, confidence, achievement and performance. We are also providing our educators with metrics; our assessment strategy includes measures for self worth, positive affects, cognitive, social and physical competence, temperament, mood, attention, the ability to make sense of complex situations, create meaning, perceive and think clearly, and social, academic and emotional self-efficacy. We offer extremely deep discounts for education and non-profits.

Our system is already being heartily embraced by educators, health care professionals, human resource directors, therapists, psychologists, counselors, and life coaches. If you are interested in using our program for your group or organization please contact us for pricing and further information.


The Dream Big system addresses the following and more:

  • Insight: We briefly explain the science behind our connection to the world around us. Our thoughts, intentions, attitudes, feelings, words and actions carry energy that shapes our lives- and shapes our world. This energy connects us to everyone and everything- affecting every aspect of our lives, including our health. With this knowledge comes greater self-awareness, a sense of connection and the responsibility to live more mindfully within our global community.
  • Purpose: Identifying your unique gifts, and discovering your sources of joy, passion and inspiration strengthens self-awareness. When you contribute to the world around you by doing what you love to do, joy and positive energy will follow. Understanding your purpose- and knowing that you are here for a reason fosters trust in knowing you are a vital and important part of the bigger picture.
  • Clarity: You have to define your goals before you can achieve them. We help you become more aware of what is authentically important to you as an individual, helping you look within to clarify your goals in every area of your life.
  • Affirmations: We help you become aware of any limiting beliefs or behaviors and show you how to transform them into positive thoughts and beliefs that support your growth and journey. Affirmations can reprogram the subconscious mind, and they an important aspect of our process.
  • Visualization: Everything starts with a vision! Using images to define your objectives is very effective when combined with visualization. Our system includes a Vision Book for your personal goals and dreams; this puts everything into practice and keeps you motivated.
  • Connection: We explain how to tap into the power of the subconscious through various practices, including visualization, affirmations, gratitude, prayer, and meditation. This helps you align with how you want to experience life, and connect with your emotions, intuition, gratitude and inspiration; fostering trust and empathy.
  • Action and Commitment: We show you how to move things forward in a mindful, conscious way, and how to become more open and aware of opportunities, encouraging connection with your community and the world through service and contribution.

Age appropriate workbooks for Adults, Teens and Kids:


We will quote shipping on orders of 6 or more Vision Sets. International shipping is available.



Please contact us if you are interested in Vision Books for your class, group or organization. We offer substantial Education and Non-Profit discounts. Quantity price breaks, customization and private label options are also available. We would love to be of service. Together, we can make a difference.