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"What a terrific way to get to know yourself, clarify your goals for life and get the motivation to make them come true! The Dream Big Vision Books and materials are beautifully designed and crafted, enticing you to jump in and get started! This can truly be life-transforming!"
Izzy Kalman, MS
Director, Bullies to Buddies, Inc.
Author of "A Psychological Solution to Bullying"
Psychology Today Expert and Contributor

"A visionary tour de force! The Dream Big System is a significant contribution to positive development for students of any age. It is grounded in solid psychology and innovative, effective pedagogy. There is a great deal of wisdom incorporated into this process that invites us to look ever deeper and reach far higher. The entire system is beautifully done- quality materials and activities that are engaging, challenging, enlightening...and lots of fun, too!"
Dr. Spencer Sherman,
Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D.
College Professor SBCC

“The most amazing methodology! This system demystifies the process of finding out what you want to do with your life…and gets you in touch with the kind of person you would like to become. It’s empowering, it’s simple, and it will change your life.”
Bill Crooks
CEO of Reclaiming Tomorrow Partners in Education
President/CEO, 360 Entertainment Group

"The Dream Big System is a phenomenal tool for patients recovering from chronic and acute illness, as well as those on a path of finding optimal wellness. This process is simple, inspirational, and it can enhance both healing and overall wellbeing. Creating my own personal Vision Book was a monumental experience that changed my entire outlook on what was possible. Amazing!"
Dr. Kristi Wrightson
N.D., M.S., R.D.

"The world could use a little more of this! This is a gateway to mindful living that will benefit absolutely everyone. My background is in Education, Law and Mediation. Based upon my experience, I believe there is a real need for this product in every home, school and business! The Dream Big teaching materials and workbook get a gold star! I am thoroughly impressed by how well this process facilitates open, meaningful communication, support and understanding."
Robin Ochs
Attorney, Mediator, and former Teacher

"This is the best version of a vision board I have ever seen! I have more than 20 years of experience working as a nanny and teaching celebrity families how to integrate an organic and positive lifestyle into their homes. The Dream Big Vision Books are a "must have" for caregivers, parents, and children alike!"
Barbara Rodriguez
author of The Organic Nanny's Guide to Raising Healthy Kids

"This is a tremendous tool for both personal and professional growth - a must have map for the road of life.The Dream Big system is an essential resource for anyone seeking greater clarity and purpose in their daily life."
Bryan Allen
Realtor, Entrepreneu

"I am a second time purchaser of the Vision Books for my husband and myself. Fantastic product! I became a lightning rod for good fortune, opportunities, and happiness which I attribute to the process...Some would call it uncanny coincidence, I call it deliberate creation. I developed a new perspective, and most importantly, a new refined focus. Thank You!"
Natalie G.
New Jersey, USA

"This is a multidimensional tool and system that will help students (and adults) realize their dreams and their potential.The process deepens their awareness and guides them on a journey of growth, mindfulness, self discovery and possibilities! I believe our students will greatly benefit from this process in every aspect of their lives."
Lane Weiss
Saratoga Union School District Superintendent

"The Dream Big System has really enhanced my Social Skills class. The students look forward to working with their Vision Books! Due to the addition of this system, the students have been able to create and strive for more focused and specific goals, and they have a better understanding of how to accomplish them. The workbook discussion questions are very insightful and they encourage conversations that allow me to really understand my students thoughts and feelings about how they perceive themselves and how others perceive them.

I am so excited about the results that I am seeing as my special education students work with their Vision Books! Several of my students are Autistic, and Autistic children have problems with social interaction. Recently, we were discussing the importance of the words we choose to use.  One student mentioned that they had spoken harshly to their parent and the other students began to offer him advice on the proper way to have handled the situation! That is a huge step for these students!  The Vision Book process is truly helping them to make positive advancements in their social skills."
JoAnn S.
Educator and Learning Specialist

“This amazing system is doing great things for our students and helping them successfully work towards their future! The Dream Big Process is helping our students to discover their passions, envision them, and work towards them! One of our teachers has her students use it once a week and she claims that the students can't wait for that day because they get to work on the Vision Book. Another teacher states that the Vision Book is opening the doors of communication with her students like never before!  It is helping the students see their potential and self-worth and realize that their dreams are within their reach.”
Polly C.
High School Teacher

“BLISS! This beautiful Vision Book is one of my most blessed treasures. It is pure quality from design through to manufacturing. This artistic, fun and personal avenue of transferring my dreams - from desired thought to imagery - is the missing link I have been asking for; I’m inspired, motivated and excited about my life again.”
Liddy Vearing
Entrepreneur, Queensland, Australia

“I felt like I'd gained a deeper sense of self-realization…because I thought my heart was open, but the workbook process helped me realize I had fears that were holding me back. To me, my Dream Big Vision Book is a miracle tool because it is so versatile. Now, I wake up and look forward to my day, because I'm excited to see what it may bring. I am more aware of staying aligned with my dreams and goals, and it helps me pay attention to those things.”
Shennie S.
Author, Singer, Songwriter

"This system has been a valuable resource in our work with students who have experienced a loss due to death or divorce. The questions provide insightful segues into exploring the essence of what students are searching for:  Who am I? What are my dreams? How can I achieve my dreams?"
Sonya T.
NCSC Professional School Counselor

“We believe that this rich, vital system will be an extremely valuable addition to our curriculum and a tremendous resource for our youth. We expect great results from this system... we encourage them to explore their potential, achieve their goals, and reach for their dreams.”
David Cash
Santa Barbara Unified School District Superintendent

“You have to take responsibility for your life. I train a lot of my financial reps using what’s in this book; to live your life by design- you’ve got to learn from the past, get out of your own way and create your future. This system will help you do it. It’s great for businesses, and families, too!”
Andrew Lee
Regional Director Money Concepts International
Wealth Management and Financial Planning

“I was pretty unsure about where I wanted my life to go. Doing the workbook alone gave me a much better idea of what I wanted my life to become - a seriously inspiring start at creating my future. It gave me clarity about what I actually wanted to do with my life and what I want to experience.”
Marissa F.
Retail boutique manager, Model

“I am more grateful than you could ever know that I found your books. They are close at hand always to remind me of how important it is to trust yourself…thank you for your part in helping me make my life as enjoyable and worthwhile as I possibly can."
Brisbane, Australia

“My Vision Book really propelled me to become the author of my own life. I had created dream boards before, but with this process, I’ve learned more about myself and I’ve been able to paint a more focused, precise picture of how I want to experience life. I’ve already witnessed many of my goals and visions coming true, and I can honestly say I would not be where I am or who I am today without this tool in my life.”
Rogan A.
Producer / Creative Director


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